2021 Greatest course assignments announced here

Todd Franko - Jul 4, 2021


The 2021 course selections for the 12th annual Farmers National Bank Greatest Golfer 54-hole golf championship are announced here.

Some things to know about the 2021 course selection process:

Greatest sold out in 2020 at 300 players with 20 people left on the waiting list. With that in mind and with an interest in showcasing this event to a more regional audience, we have added a 2nd course to Friday and a 5th course to Saturday. 
We are thrilled to welcome The Links at Firestone Farms and Reserve Run to this year’s lineup. 
These courses are among the Valley's most well-maintained and serviced operations on and off the course, and ownership has been immense promoters of Greatest for a decade. They are among the leaders in public-private operations that are able to create country-club level conditions.

Course additions are key at this time as Greatest aims to expand over the next few years into a regional golf destination event.  Adding new courses is key to that goal.

In assigning our 12 divisions to the courses, we take into account:

  • The tradition of rotating our courses so that players see a new course every year. Every course in our lineup seeks to host all players, and especially the Open players.

  • Course difficulty for our competitors. Players tell us Greatest is a different level of golf from the weekday league and weekend money game. 6,500 yards feels like 10,000; Fairways become chutes; Greens are slick pin dots. This course lineup reflects a balancing of golf experiences to make the best setting possible for competition and camaraderie.

  • The numbers in each division last year and the likelihood of them staying at that level.

    Division size can be fickle and our below course lineup may have to adjust to any sizeable fluctuation in signups.
 So with that, we are pleased to announce the 2021

    Note: Men’s 7-9 and 10-12 divisions will be split between morning and afternoon waves.)
    Mill Creek North
    8 a.m.: Mens 10-12, 13-15
    1 p.m.: Ladies, Mens Open, Men’s 10-12

  • Mill Creek South

    8 a.m.: Mens 7-9, Mens 3-6

    1 p.m.: Men’s 7-9, Seniors, Sen 7-12, Sen 13+, Legends

    Reserve Run (tee times coming)
    Men 16-19

    Men 20-24

    (First tee time at all courses apprx 10 a.m.)
    Tippi - Sen Open, Sen 7-12, Sen 13+, Ladies

    YCC – Men 7-9, Legends open, Legends 8+

    Avalon – Mens Open, Mens 3-6,

    Trumbull – Mens 10-12,  Men 20-24

    Firestone — Mens 13-15, Men 16-19