Thank you, Ed Antonelli

Todd Franko - Jan 14, 2020


Ed Antonelli at the inaugural 2010 Greatest Golfer of the Valley

Salute to the late Ed Antonelli — our first Greatest of Greatest Golfer.

Ed won our first three titles in the Super Seniors division — 2010, 2011, 2012.

His scores: In 2010: 77-78-78; In 2011: 75-79-78; In 2012: 73-80 (sorry we're missing Sunday!!). He lost 2013 in a great shootout with Dom Vechiarelli, only to come back in 2014 to regain the title.

Ed's 2014 Greatest win was earned with a 75-77-79-231 weekend - beating George Repasky.

Ed Antonelli — 4-time Greatest champ.

He passed away Saturday. His stepson, Joseph Allen Sr. has a post on our Facebook page. Joe's brother, George, is a devout Greatest player, too, and talked often of Ed's influence on he and his brother.

Ed, rest in peace, sir.