Aces continue — including 3 in one Mill outing

Todd Franko - Sep 22, 2020


The hole-in-ones continue at Mill Creek Golf Course at a rate that should warrant a congressional inquiry.
The venerable Donald Ross track yielded 3 in just a few days earlier this month.
This weekend, it was 3 in one event.
This happened on Sunday:
Victor Considine aced Hole #8 on North sitting at 133 Yards.
It was witnessed by Don Perkins, Karl Mogg & Al Ricks
Then Judge Scott Krichbaum aced Hole #16 on North at 167 yards.
It was witnessed by James Lessick, Matt Prologo & Joe Valentini.
That grass had hardly reset itself when Chris D’Apolito followed up Krichbaum and aced the same hole. It was witnessed by Paul Gains, Steve Zawrotuk & Demaine Kitchen
Then on Monday, fishing phenom Jack Wollitz played Mill Creek Golf Course South and aced
Hole #5 at 124 yards.
It was witnessed by Ralph Roberts, Jack Savage & Mike Kemble
Not all the aces action is at Mill Creek.
And they were't all on Par 3s!
At Reserve Run, Kevin Jones cupped an ace. (He's the guy in the photo.)
On a Par 4!
Playing Sept. 14, Jones scored uno on Hole #14 from the white tees.
Watching that display were George Thiers, Dave McClelland and Bob DeFall.